Josh Donaldson hits Coliseum bullseye during BP, celebrates with reverse victory lap

Mark Townsend
June 1, 2013

Josh Donaldson's batting practice session came to an abrupt end before his Oakland A's battled the Chicago White Sox at Coliseum on Friday night.

No, it wasn't due to a weather related issue. Skies were clear. Thankfully, it wasn't injury related, either. And it's probably also worth noting that despite the presence of Sox reliever Nate Jones, there were also no cow milking exhibitions that took over the field.

The story here was actually an exhilarating one for the A's third baseman, because hanging from the bleachers just above the left field wall at is a relatively small target with an even smaller bullseye. That, of course, becomes exactly what it's intended to be for both home and visiting players during their batting practice sessions — a target.

Now, I can't say for sure how long the target has been there or whether or not it has been hit lately or frequently, but Donaldson definitely did nail it on Friday afternoon.

Then he went crazy.

Very crazy. He started by pumping his fist and tossing his cap. He then took off on a wild reverse victory lap, or at least I'm terming it as a reverse lap since he started towards his home territory at third base. Then again, he kept running right into the outfield, so there was probably no rhyme or reason for where he was going. He was just pumped up that he landed a bullseye.

Then, after settling down, he retired for the session, because why not? There's no way he could top that outcome.

Of course he probably wishes he could have retired for the evening, too, because he ended up going 0 for 3 with a pair of strikeouts against Dylan Axelrod. Definitely not his best game, but he's still hitting .322 on the season, the A's still won behind Bartolo Colon's complete game shutout and no one can take the bullseye away.

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