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Jose Reyes haircut: Coming soon to a TV near you

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This man will get a haircut on live television. (AP)

From the "TV ran out of things to broadcast years ago" dept., the MLB Network will televise the upcoming haircut of Miami Marlins star Jose Reyes.

Talk about a hair razing story.

You might recall that Marlins president David Samson said back in December that Reyes would have to abide by team rules like every other player, and one of those rules is: no longhairs allowed.

Yes, that's right: A guy named Samson is making another guy get a haircut.

Anyway, Reyes has dreadlocks. Stylish, functional dreadlocks. Or at least he will until Friday, when the clippers come out and the lights come on, one of his representatives said on Twitter.

Chop, chop, Jose.

I might or might not watch, but I surely would tune in if Reyes went to the barber shop from "Coming to America," where the barbers argue over who was the greatest boxer of all time. We could update it to "Who is the greatest Marlin of all time?"

Obviously, the answer is Chuck Carr. Pound for pound, Chuck Carr was the greatest Marlin baller who ever lived. Plus, Chuckie was always hacking on dreadlocks.

It's been a good week for the Fish, who also announced they sold out the first exhibition game at their new ballpark. And now, Jose Reyes becomes the first major leaguer to get his own TV special based on a haircut. Locks of luck to him.

Big BLS h/t: Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post

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