Jon Lester gently hands giant paper airplane to batboy during Yadier Molina at-bat

David Brown

ST. LOUIS — Another man might have crumpled it into a ball in the palm of his hand in a fit of rage, but not Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox. After a giant paper airplane came to a soft landing near the pitcher's mound at Busch Stadium in the middle of a Yadier Molina at-bat Monday night, Lester handled the interruption like a gentleman. He calmly handed the plane to a St. Louis Cardinals batboy and resumed facing Molina, who lined out to second to end the seventh inning.

But can you imagine, for example, John Lackey encountering a paper airplane? He would have stomped it like Godzilla, then set fire to it, then tried to fly it back into the stands.

Given Molina's hard-hit ball, perhaps Lester was shaken a bit by the emergency landing. Not really, he said:

It was the most surreal moment in an otherwise un-wacky Game 5, which the Red Sox lead won 3-1 to take a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven set.

Lester's airplane seemed to come from the first-base side, and appeared to be one of the leftover cards from the aborted Chevy Silverado promotion. Best use of those things yet.

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