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Jon Daniels and Josh Hamilton have breakup issues after star bolts to Angels

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Perhaps it's because the great relationship movie "About Last Night ..." is being broadcast as I blog this, but with Josh Hamilton changing teams on Thursday afternoon, and seeing the somewhat terse reaction of Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels, it seems right to say: Hamilton and the Rangers had a good thing going, now it's over, and it didn't end particularly well.

It's also a little sad.

Daniels definitely sounded like a guy with unresolved breakup issues after Hamilton and the Los Angeles Angeles shocked the free-agency market by agreeing on a five-year, $125 million deal. Hamilton apparently didn't give the Rangers a final chance to exceed, or match, or come close, or whatever, to the Angels offer, and it obviously hurt Daniels' feelings.

This is how reporter Anthony Andro of Fox Sports quoted him:

Daniels thought the relationship that Hamilton had built with the club over five seasons that saw him win an MVP award, help take the club to two World Series, endure two alchohol-related relapses and numerous injuries would have meant more to Hamilton before he made his decision to leave.

That turned out not to be the case.

"Josh has done a lot for the organization," Daniels said. "The organization has done a lot for Josh. A lot of things that aren't public and things of that nature. I'm a little disappointed in how it was handled. He had a decision to make, and he made it."

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It's easy for us on the outside to say that "business is business," or that Daniels "needs to get over it" and get himself another slugger. And don't forget, the Rangers also lost out in signing Zack Greinke, too, and also lost Mike Napoli to the Red Sox. It's been a frustrating offseason. Daniels has so much catch-up work to do, it's not funny. But he's also a man. And he hurts inside, dang it!

As for the Angels improving themselves with the likes of Hamilton on Thursday, and Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson last winter, well, Daniels doesn't sound all that impressed if you read between the lines:

"They were a great team on paper beforehand," Daniels said. "They're a great team on paper now. They're going to be very good."

Lashing out at Hamilton's new team. Typical spurned GM reaction. It's OK to have feelings, Jon. Let them out. And tomorrow, get back to work on the next big thing.

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