John McCain jokes about Ryan Braun’s positive drug test

Mark Townsend

The baseball world was thrown for a loop on Saturday when we learned that National League MVP Ryan Braun had tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Braun now faces a 50-game suspension as a first-time offender but has already proclaimed his innocence and announced his intentions to fight the ban.

As Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, that appeal process could last into January.

Obviously this is still a developing story, with many of the details needed to form a truly educated opinion on what this means for Braun's legacy, the Milwaukee Brewers, and most importantly, the game of baseball, yet to be revealed. But that hasn't stopped a number of people from weighing in with reactions ranging from innocent until proven guilty, to repossess his MVP trophy right this instant, to, in the surprising case of Arizona Senator John McCain, a chance to tell a joke.

McCain, who has offered strong comments on Major League Baseball's performance-enhancing drugs testing policy in the past, and whose beloved Arizona Diamondbacks were ousted from the 2011 playoffs by Braun and the Brew Crew, threw many for a loop of his own when he posted the following message regarding Braun to his Twitter timeline just prior to attending the Arizona Cardinals football game on Sunday afternoon.

OK, so maybe it's not laugh-out-loud funny to you or I, but it's an honest effort and refreshing take after a weekend filled with accusations, denials and heated debate.

By the way, I think it's also worth noting that McCain posted a congratulatory tweet to Braun after he was announced as the National League MVP three weeks ago. Sometimes it's a struggle to determine when a politician isn't politicking, but his message seems genuine.

You know, maybe there's a reason his perceived attempt at humor didn't resonate with me as much as it did others. After reading that again, maybe McCain was serious about replaying the playoffs. Can we get someone to clarify the senator's comment and his mood at the time he made it?

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