John Axford signs pregnant belly of Brewers fan

David Brown
January 28, 2013

To be specific, Axford signed the T-shirt over the apparently urgently pregnant belly of Kristin Corcoran of Milwaukee. Signing her actual belly, or another body part, would have been a stranger request, especially with the 5-year-old boy in the Ryan Braun shirsey standing there in front of thousands of people at the Milwaukee Brewers' "On Deck" winter festival over the weekend. But, signing a big ol' belly is just the sort of person request players often fulfill for diehard fans at these gatherings.

From a practical standpoint, it was wise of Corcoran to get Axford to sign the shirt. Had he done the belly itself, it's a good bet the autograph would have been ruined by the time she gave birth. No sense in making it a bittersweet labor.

It's also good bet that Corcoran has "19" in her Twitter handle for Hall of Famer and Brewers great Robin Yount, who wore that number for Milwaukee. Earlier in Corcoran's timeline, she mentions where she was when Yount connected for career hit 3,000. It makes you wonder, though. If Yount happened to be at On Deck, he might have been asked to sign the belly itself, too. Then we're talking really strange.

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