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John Axford will not steal your car

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Like John Axford, I'm not a fan of people leaving the car running. Not for save-the-earth reasons, but mainly because gas is expensive and when I see a car running I feel a certain degree of anxiety for the owner. Someone could easily steal their car.

There was a dude at my kid's preschool who would leave his Mercedes SUV running while he chatted away with the front-desk people. I'm thinking, "Yo, man, what are you thinking? Lock that thing up."

John Axford, the MLB pitcher, is a better person than judgy ol' me. He saw a car that had been running too long, and decided to turn it off and lock it up. Axford is, after all, Canadian and they're a caring people. The note Axford wrote for the car's owner was pretty great. Although, it may not be his best note ever.

As anybody whose neighborhood has begun to use social network Next Door can surely attest — raises hand! — there's a fine line between meddling and genuinely helping out your fellow man. It sounds like the person with the running car might consider Axford a meddler, but consider the alternative. Somebody could have stolen the car.

Methinks the owner will recount this story in a different tone once he/she finds out it was a major-league pitcher who tried to help.

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