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Joe Maddon does not like your choice of the Silver Bullet

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As we all know by now, Joe Maddon is a very intelligent man. He likes to read, he enjoys his wine and he obviously knows a little something about this sport we call baseball.

Still, he keeps finding ways to show off the impressive breadth of his knowledge, demonstrating for us on Sunday the proper way to quickly disarm an obnoxious and heckling Phillies fan.

The method? Make fun of the beer he's drinking. (Brilliant!)

Per Maddon:

"I was actually giving a guy a hard time for drinking Coors Light in Philadelphia. We went back and forth with that, and I said where's the Schmidt's? At least some Rolling Rock. Don't be going with Coors Light. It's so unfashionable for a Philly dude.

"So I was all over him about that. We had a good time."

Maddon obviously isn't in the running for one of those Coors Light coaches commercials any more, but if he had his way, he'd use his soap box for a more serious cause. Namely, making sure the families and friends of the Rays were pestered a little less by the Philadelphia fans.

"The biggest part is my families. If we could do something about that, throwing mustard packs at my granddaughter is not very cool. The other part about it I'm good with."

"If you want to be vociferous with us, I am fine with that. If you want to have arguments about the Coors Light versus Rolling Rock, I'm good with that, but leave the families alone."

Yes, that was probably the first time on record that a baseball manager has ever used, at least correctly, the word 'vociferous.' No wonder he has a problem with Coors Light.

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