Jimmy Fallon and The Roots propose new walk-up music from Derek Jeter

Mike Oz
August 9, 2013

Derek Jeter guested on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday, allowing Fallon and his most excellent house band, The Roots, to pitch him on new walk-up music.

As Jeter said, he's been using Eminem's "Square Dance" lately because of Em's opening proclamation: "It feels soooo good to be baaaaack." But then Jeter, who is on the disabled list for the third time this season, added: "I'm tired of coming back. I might have to switch it up."

The Roots and Fallon gave Jeter three walk-up music proposals. He didn't care for the first two — not his style — but for the third, The Roots' emcee Black Thought took over vocal duties from Fallon and gave us quite a fresh little rap jam. A few of the lyrics:

"Statistically, he's at the top of the numeric meter /
The shortstop of the century, Mr. Derek Jeter /
This heavy hitter's every bit of a world-class player /
He's actually The Big Apple's honorary mayor"

You know what needs to happen now? A team needs to get The Roots to perform live at-bat music during an entire baseball game. How fresh would that be? Don't bother, the answer is, "super fresh."

Maybe that's something the band can do for its hometown team back in Philadelphia. You have to wonder how seeing The Roots and Black Thought fawning over Derek Jeter went over back in the Illadelph.

As for you Yankee fans, honestly, you should just be thrilled Jeter didn't pull his hammy walking around the "Late Night" set.

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