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Jim Thome’s 607th home run was devoured by hungry plants at Target Field (Video)

Kevin Kaduk
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Twins fans unsuccessfully search for Jim Thome's homer on Thursday night. (MLB.TV)

What are they feeding (or not feeding) the vegetation up in the Twin Cities? Despite landing in front of an area of Target Field that was packed with fans, Jim Thome's 607th home run baseball completely disappeared into a bunch of hungry plants on Thursday night.

Though fans searched for the rest of the game, the third-inning blast hit by the Philadelphia Phillies first baseman in a 6-1 win over the Twins remained at large until Friday morning. Not even the investigative-minded fan in the novelty FBI T-shirt was able to track it down!

"I think it's in some plant or something," Big Jim helpfully offered.

Altogether now (and in your best Audrey voice): Feed me, Seymour! The good news is that the ball was eventually uncovered via some hardcore digging on Friday morning with Twins spokesman Dustin Morse saying that they plan to return the ball to Thome. They'll need to pony up for the shipping costs, though, as the Phillies have moved on to Toronto for a weekend series against the Blue Jays.

See if you can spot where the ball ended up. The prevailing thought is that the ball's impact allowed it to burrow and hide deep into the plant soil:

At 607 homers, Thome currently rests in the eighth spot on the all-time career homer list. He only needs two more to tie Sammy Sosa for the seventh spot. Reaching Ken Griffey Jr. for the sixth spot at 630 homers is probably too big of a challenge, but it's still reachable if the 41-year-old plans to continue playing for a few more seasons.

Thome has started collecting as many of his home run baseballs as possible and plans to give them to his children one day. They shouldn't have any problem identifying No. 607 on sight; they'll just have to look for the one with a fine cover of potting soil.

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