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‘Jeopardy!’ jab: Trivia show includes asterisk in answer referencing Barry Bonds

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Every now and then the producers at the trivia show "Jeopardy" like to throw in a baseball reference that is relatively current or topical. Among the more recent examples, "That's a clown question, bro" was featured as a category following Bryce Harper's famous response to a media member in Toronto. The topic itself had nothing to do with baseball, or the media for that matter, but rather fictional and non-fictional clowns.

That wasn't so much the case on Wednesday's episode, however, as they instead elected to retroactively take a jab at one of the game's most controversial figures, Mr. Barry Bonds.

The "answer" in question came under the category of "Pop Quiz" and was easily spotted by viewers. Many immediately took to Twitter to alert those of us keeping a close eye on the winter meetings in Orlando.

The question, of course, was "Who is Bobby Bonds?"

As the tweet notes, host Alex Trabek's reciting of the answer only brought more attention to the asterisk, which is a clear reference to Bonds' alleged PED use throughout his career. Bonds is currently the single-season (73 in 2001) and all-time (762) home run king, and though he never failed a test, many fans — and now apparently "Jeopardy" producers — will tell you both records should be marked by an asterisk.

It's a rather bold statement. Somewhat unexpected as well coming from the long-running and immensely popular show, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

That includes "Jeopardy" viewers, by the way.

Though he may not be current, it's probably safe to say Barry Bonds will always be a sensitive topic.

The controversial answer struck a nerve with some fans, while bringing a smile to the faces of others. At the end of the day, though, no one is smiling bigger than the producers, who managed to create a little stir and get people talking about a random "Jeopardy" episode in the middle of December.

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