‘Jeopardy!’ contestants swing and miss on easy baseball Hall of Fame clue

Mark Townsend
January 18, 2014

For some of us watching a half hour episode of Jeopardy can be a humbling experience as clue after clue sails over our head. However, sometimes we'll see a clue that makes our eyes light up and our pride swell as we recite the correct response — usually to ourselves — while the contestants stare ahead quizzically or answer incorrectly.

Such was the case for baseball fans during a recent episode when host Alex Trebek read a very easy clue centering around the Hall of Fame.

The clue: “354 wins did not overcome the controversy as this ex-Red Sox pitcher didn’t make the Hall of Fame cut in 2013.”

The correct response, of course, would be “Who is Roger Clemens?” That would have been a layup for even the most casual of baseball fan. Unfortunately, none of the three contestants would seem to fall under that category, but their responses were good for a chuckle and a bewildered response from Trebek, which is actually worth more than all of the money in the world.

The middle contestant, Gudrun, buzzed in first answering “Who is Pete Rose?”

Well, hey, when you heard Hall of Fame and controversy in the same sentence 5-10 years ago, Pete Rose was the first and pretty much the only name that came to mind. That's not so much the case now with steroid era players on to the ballot, but it's easy to see where this guess was born from.

Next was Stacy, who guessed “Who is Curt Schilling?”

Former Red Sox pitcher? Check. On the Hall of Fame ballot? Check. 354 wins? Not quite. Try 216.

And finally, Sarah went with “Who is Mark McGwire?”

Another baseball player with Hall of Fame credentials and a PED cloud hovering over his head, but wrong. Very wrong.

Get 'em, Alex.

Fortunately for the contestants, that was the lone baseball question during the show.

Unfortunately for the contestants, their responses have gone viral and will live forever on the Internet.

But the good news is, at least they'll never forget the name Roger Clemens again.

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