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Jay Z blamed as Mariners and Robinson Cano hit snag in contract talks

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UPDATE: Cano signed for $240 million with the Seattle Mariners.

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The Seattle Mariners and Robinson Cano have stopped talking contract, the New York Daily News reports, because Cano's agent — hip hop impresario Jay Z — asked for too much money. Instead of treated, the M's got tricked!

Hova, say it ain't so!

Cano and his camp arrived in Seattle with what sources described as basically an eight-year deal for $200 million in hand and the assurances that Seattle would go to nine years and $225 million. But when Jay Z then upped the ante to 10 years for $252 million, Mariners president Howard Lincoln apparently "exploded," according to one of the sources, and ended the meeting.

You know the old saying? "Hey, what's the worst that can happen? They say no?" Obviously, the worst that can happen is the guy explodes. Howard Lincoln, R.I.P. It's fun to imagine him sitting there, fanning himself furiously like an old lady watching Elvis perform for the first time, as Jay Z performed his Cano pitch between two turntables. Finally, during the encore, Lincoln's cells just couldn't take it, bursting into a trillion tiny particles.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says Cano and the M's are still talking. Yay, Howard Lincoln isn't exploded!

The New York Yankees reportedly are "sticking to their guns" and not going near the $200 million barrier for Cano, though you figure he'd be "worth it" when compared to outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, who got $153 million over seven years. Once cooler heads prevail in Seattle, the Mariners still figure to have the biggest offer on the table for Cano. It's probably a matter of him wanting to play there, or New York — as long as the Yankees raise their number. It's probably not true that the Yankees "don't want him back" as Cano's father wonders. Not if they're offering $175 million. That's plenty of want. Only, is it enough want?

Don't write off Jay Z as a sports agent yet because of one reportedly sour note. Anyone can have a bad concert.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, as he practiced to rappel down a building dressed as an elf again, didn't bite on the Cano news:

But the Yankees are proceeding with business as usual no matter what's going on with Cano. Cashman also said the team had talked to the agent for Hiroki Kuroda "four times" Thursday. He doesn't play second base, of course.

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