Jacob Landis, the cyclist riding to all 30 MLB parks for charity, hit by a truck in the final days of his trip

Mike Oz
September 24, 2013

In August, we introduced you about Jacob Landis, a cyclist who was visiting all 30 MLB stadiums as part of a a cross-country trip that raised money for charity. An unfortunate update to Landis' story: He was struck Saturday in Florida by a tractor trailer during one of the final legs of his ride.

The hit-and-run accident left Landis, 24, unable to continue his bike tour with only one stadium left, Marlins Park in Miami. An update on his website explains what happened:

A witness to the event said Landis was hit by the nose mirror of a blue Freightliner truck pulling a refrigerated trailer. Landis was transported to Florida Hospital Heartland in Sebring, Fl. by ambulance. He suffered a severe concussion, broken nose, a two small fracture on each cheekbone, a chipped front tooth, and his right lip is swollen with cuts and bruises on his nose and face. His left arm is in a sling and he has been advised not to ride his bike for at least 2 weeks.

Landis' MLB stadium tour aimed to raise $1 million to help people who need cochlear implants but cannot afford them. Landis lost his hearing as a young boy, but was able to hear again after cochlear implant surgery at age 10.

Before the accident, he had biked more than 10,000 miles, dating back to April 3. He was four miles away from his Saturday destination when the accident happened.

"I don't remember anything that happened until I woke up at the hospital," Landis said in his statement.

Despite his injuries and his inability to ride his bike now, Landis will still attend his planned finish-line rally on Tuesday, then watch the game at Marlins Park. According to WJLA, which covers Landis' home state of Maryland, officers are searching for the driver of the truck that struck Landis.

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