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Ian Desmond critiques 'B.O.' prank happening in crowd during his at-bat

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It's not the plate appearance itself of Ian Desmond that is special here. It's what's going on behind the scenes, in the stands at Nationals Park, that deserves our attention. And scorn.

As Desmond himself points out using Vine and Twitter in a fascinating critique, a fan reaches into his right armpit with his left hand, gets stank on his fingers — smells it himself to make sure he did it right — and then sticks his stinky fingers in the face of the woman sitting next to him. Presumably they know each other, otherwise it's assault (not only of the nostrils).

Desmond is batting .236/.292/.412 with nine homers, and he is likely to produce better as the season progresses. And yet, Desmond's awareness of the truly important moments of life is sharp as ever. And plus-1 for using "gnarly."

It's not certain how Desmond became aware of the prank; He might have been checking video of his at-bats and noticed it. Regardless, it sparked a funny conversation with his wife:


Overall, the Nats are pretty stinky for their standards, coming in with a record of 25-26.

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