Hooters ball girl picks up fair ball and gives it to a fan (Video)

Mike Oz

Oh, spring training. When baseball teams try out young players, we let games end in ties and, apparently, Hooters girls are perfectly acceptable stand-ins for ball boys and ball girls. Well, until they make embarrassing baseball gaffes like this:

Good news for the ball girl: This'll get her a close up on "Inside Edition."

As the video mentions, this is the second time this spring such a boo-boo happened at Bright House Field, where the Philadelphia Phillies play their spring games. In fact, it's the second time in a week. Something similar happened Wednesday, although the ball wasn't tossed into the stands. Getting Blanked has a .gif of the play.

Baseball's an interesting game. Players get beaned and brawls start when a team winning by six runs lays down a bunt, because that violates an "unwritten rule" of the game. But Hooters girls pick up live balls — contrary to an actual written rule — and we all laugh about it because they're pretty.

Oh well, it's just spring training. Let's go eat some hot wings.

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