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Hometown O's fans shower boos on a deserving Mark Teixeira

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No shocker here, but the Yankees' Mark Teixeira is being routinely booed by the Baltimore faithful any time he comes up or fields a ball in today's Opening Day game at Camden Yards.

And after reading Teixeira's pregame comments about the possibility of him being booed by the same Bird fans he grew up among as a Severna Park, Maryland native, all I can say is good for you, O's fans.

Boo him some more.

In a perfect world, I'd say Baltimore fans should live and let live, even though they were rejected by the local boy made good over the winter.

But I can't quite get over Teixeira's straight-faced delivery of the following lines (via the NY Times Bats Blog):

"In a perfect world, the Orioles would have won the World Series every year I was alive, and I'd be an Oriole right now. I have so much love for the city and the organization. But in the baseball world and the business world, sometimes you have to make tough decisions, and the Yankees were the better fit for me."

Ugh. There it is. "The Yankees were the better fit for me." A euphemism for the ages.

Now, I'll admit there's probably no arguing with Teixeira's point that the Yankees might be a better fit than the Orioles for anyone not named Cal Ripken. New York has a better lineup and pitching staff, they're playing in a new stadium and his wife prefers the way he looks in the same pinstripes your hero Don Mattingly wore.

And as Teixeira mentioned, there was also the little matter of the Yankees being able to pay him $180 million over eight years, which is just a tad more than the seven years and $150 million that the Orioles were said to be offering.

If it's about the money, then it's about the money. Heck, I would sign with New York 100 times out of 100 if they were laying 30 million more on the table.

I'm willing to be that so would 99.9 percent of my readers.

But let's cut the cutesy talk about "fits." Just say "I thought the Orioles sucked" and "The Yanks were stuffing too much money in my pockets to say no" and be done with it.

Boo Teixeira, indeed.

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