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Heh: Andruw Jones loses it in the sun (Video)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

It's always a good time when there's a blooper to run that features an outfielder losing a flyball in the sun. The visuals are hilarious, the opportunity for schadenfreude high.

This clip of Andruw Jones losing Josh Hamilton's ball in the sun before it bounces over the fence for a ground-rule double in the sixth inning of Thursday's Yankees-Rangers game also features some funny audio that only adds to the chuckles.

In order, there's:

1. An initial groan from the Yankee Stadium crowd as Hamilton lifts an Ivan Nova pitch high into the air in a bid for a home run to add to the two he hit on Wednesday night.

2. A much bigger groan as Jones suddenly plops to the ground like he's falling out of a chair.

3. A chorus of boos from the Bronx faithful as Jones picks himself up off the warning track and returns to his position to watch the Rangers score two runs that inning. (Don't ever change, Yankee Stadium, don't ever change.)

Some of you might think I'm being a bit mean here, but a world where we can't laugh at a baseball blooper while Yankee fans boo is a world I don't wish to know. Besides, Jones made up for the misplay, belting a two-run homer off Derek Holland in the inning's bottom half.

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