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Hawk Harrelson wears shower cap for Ice Bucket Challenge, does Chicken Dance afterward

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

He wet!

Longtime Chicago White Sox play-by-play man Hawk Harrelson accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Tuesday — you probably haven't heard of this Ice Bucket Challenge thing yet, as it's a brand new trend sweeping the Internet and our man Hawk is right on the pulse of things.

Anyhow, Harrelson agreed to get doused with a big bucket of ice water (not one of those sissy-sized buckets Justin Verlander used) and the result is a wonderful video full of Hawk absurdities. 

A few of the things we absolutely love:

1. Hawk wears a shower cap, because he's a respected broadcaster, darn it, and his hair is important. Sadly, it came off. 

2. Jim Thome swoops in and nails Hawk with a second bucket of ice water while he's still reeling from the first. Thome knows a simple truth: Hawk has The Will To Get Wet.

3. Hawk emerges from his double dousing doing some kind of Ric Flair-like strut (Wooooooo!) that quickly becomes the Chicken Dance. One more bucket and he would have been twerking, no doubt.

Here's a second look in Vine form that really captures the full Hawk-ness of this:

Here's hoping this becomes the next hottest dance craze in Chicago.

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