Hardly any O's fans to be found at Oriole Park at Camden Yards


After watching the video in this morning's Manny Ramirez 500th post, I asked my friend, Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun, how many Red Sox fans were at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Saturday night.

His response? "About 80-20, Boston fans. Embarrassing."

I thought that was kind of high until I saw the above photo from Getty Images. Of the 35 or so people that can be seen in the shot, only four seem to be refraining from lauding Ramirez (though it's possible they were just lazy Bostonians.) Two other Oriole fans appear to be taking pictures.

Doing the type of simple math I only know how to do, four of 35 would be about 11.5 percent. So, if anything, Rick's math might have been a little low. I read on a few Oriole boards today that many Baltimore fans simply avoid OPACY when the Red Sox come to town just because they don't want to deal with their accompany "nation." If that's the case, then this picture really isn't that hard to believe.

Oriole fans, the floor for a rebuttal is yours.