Hanley Ramirez channels ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ in bringing new gesture to Dodgers

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

The Oakland A's are rallying with a dance from "Weekend at Bernie's." The Pittsburgh Pirates are having fun with an obscure character from "Dude, Where's My Car?"

And lest they be left out in terms of drawing inspiration from bad movies we've all seen more than we should, the Los Angeles Dodgers are now tapping "Can't Hardly Wait" as they battle the San Francisco Giants for the NL West title.

OK, so it's quite possible that Hanley Ramirez didn't know Mike Dexter from Mike Devereaux after landing with the Dodgers last week. It's possible he still doesn't.

But while Ramirez's explanation for the Dodgers' new "move" is that he needed to put a new spin on the "lo viste" gesture he made popular with the Marlins,  I prefer to think it's a twist put on the old finger-face disguise from our youth. And since that gesture found its height with Peter Facinelli's portrayal of a misguided and fading high school jock in "Can't Hardly Wait," I'm going to go ahead and call it "the reverse Mike Dexter."

Here's Vin Scully describing the birth of the phenomenon as only Vin Scully can:

Ramirez, by the way, has brought more than just hand gestures to Dodger Stadium. He's hitting .333/.417/.619 with one homer and seven RBIs in his first five games.

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