Gallego defeats Canseco in congressional race

Kevin Kaduk
November 7, 2012

There were a few fun baseball tie-ins on Tuesday's election night, but my favorite came in Texas where Gallego topped Canseco for a seat in the House.

Unfortunately, a closer inspection reveals that it was not a pair of former Oakland Athletics battling for the spot, but Democrat Pete Gallego fighting against incumbent Republican Francisco Canseco for control of the eighth-largest congressional district in the country. The real Jose Canseco was busy self-immolating on Twitter, a nightly ritual that was only noteworthy because it was election night. As for Mike Gallego, I assume he was off somewhere recuperating from a season coaching third base for the AL West-champion A's.

In other baseball-themed election news, Manny Machado likely lost his bid to become a commissioner in Miami-Dade County. The police detective, not the Baltimore Orioles rookie.

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