Fresno says forget the 'pen, banish Barry Zito to our town!

April 29, 2008

As expected, the Giants swallowed their pride and sent Barry Zito and his $126 million contract to the bullpen on Monday night. He is officially now the highest-paid reliever in MLB.

However, my man Mike Oz of the Fresno Bee wants to take things even further and make Zito the highest-paid minor leaguer. Yes, in Oz's world, it would make perfect sense to bring Zito almost 200 miles to Fresno and make him a permanent member of the Grizzlies, the Giants' AAA-affiliate.

Oz's case, from the Fresno Beehive:

In San Francisco, Barry Zito is just another hippie with an acoustic guitar and an 80-mph fastball. In Fresno, he could be a God ... Picture it: Zito could use that absurd $126 mill contact of his to buy the Security Bank Building and live on whatever floor he wished that day. He could play his guitar at Cafe Corazon on the days he's not pitching. Heck, he could even be mayor ...

The rest of baseball is mocking Barry Zito. But in Fresno, we know how it feels to be mocked. Together, Fresno and Zito could form like Voltron and rise up as one powerful force. It could the greatest curveball that Barry Zito ever threw.

Since I'm assuming they don't send AP photogs to Grizzlies games, this just might work.