Five questions about this picture of young Barack Obama swinging a baseball bat

Mike Oz
May 29, 2013

We know the 2013 version of our Commander in Chief prefers basketball to baseball, but in the picture above, young Barack Obama looks pretty happy to be swinging a baseball bat.

This photo, taken in the 1960s, was recently shared by Sports Illustrated's @SI_Vault Twitter account and the Associated Press. While it's always pretty cute to see a little kid swinging a baseball bat, it's extra special when it's the throwback version of the President of the United States.

Like the good little baseball bloggers we are, we have some (mostly) baseball-centric questions:

1. Is young Obama looking back at the photographer when he should be watching for a pitch? He'd never play for Kirk Gibson's Arizona Diamondbacks with that kind of hot-dog attitude, we know that much. Keep your eyes on the ball, kid!

2. If Obama DID play pro baseball, he'd go by Barry, right? As is Bonds and Larkin. Barry O is a cool baseball nickname. Imagine the home run calls: "Barry Ooooooo hits that ooooooooooover the wall!"

3. How many dud pictures came before this one? C'mon, look at that perfect smile. I've been that kid getting his picture taken with his baseball team and I've taken pictures of my own kid swinging a bat. It's never that perfect. There's always a weird look, or a late-minute jolt to make the photo blurry. Damn you, Obama, for being so photogenic.

4. Is he wearing Crocs? Did those exist way back then? Oh man, did we just open a can of worms for tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists? Will they argue that this photo is fabricated and it's not really Obama? Just a stand-in kid trying to appeal to Americans' love of baseball?

5. How well could Young B.O. do on the 2013 Miami Marlins? Better than Michael Jordan did in Double-A? What would his WAR be? Better than Jeff Keppinger's league-worst -1.5? All important things to ponder.

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