Our favorite Swisher-isms from Nick Swisher’s Yahoo! Music interview

Mike Oz

If you told me that Nick Swisher had an IV of Rockstar Energy Drink that he sleeps with at night pumping energy into his veins, I'd believe it. Swisher, the new Cleveland Indians first baseman/outfielder, met up with Ben Lyons of Yahoo! Music recently as part of its "Yahoo! On the Road" series.

They talk music, life on the road, Cleveland and Swisher becoming a dad soon — and they got video-bombed by teammate Mike Aviles. It's totally loud and bro-tastic, as most Swisher interviews are. It's a fun watch, especially for the part where Swisher says he would wanted to be in the background in a band. Suuuuuuure, buddy.

Nonetheless, here are our favorite quotes from the interview — Swisher-isms, if you will.

"Bro, it's just been so amazing, man."

"I try to swag it out as much as possible."

"We might have Marley monday, techno tuesday … just getting that fist pump."

"Our manager Terry Francona is THE JAM, bro."

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