Farewell tour: Mets present Chipper Jones with interesting Shea Stadium painting

Mark Townsend
September 8, 2012

The Chipper Jones farewell tour makes its final stop in New York this weekend, and we're happy to report the Mets did go out of their way to honor Jones with a special pregame press conference and presentation of his going away present.

So yes, not only will Chipper have a local pub named after him for the next three days, he'll also have the painting pictured below to hang on his wall after New York Mets COO Fred Wilpon presented it to him prior to the series opener on Friday night.

Artist Charles Fazzino is the man behind the painting, which as you can see acknowledges Chipper's incredible history at Shea Stadium while also hitting on the love-hate relationship between him and Mets fans — note the 'Larrry' sign down the right field line. And what's anything Mets without a Mr. Met appearance. That's an automatic.

Of course the question now that we've laid our eyes on the Mets painting is where will it rank on our list of Chipper's retirement gifts. It's not exactly a surfboard, but it's definitely something unique and creative with several cool touches included, so I'm sure it'll place near the top. Just as I'm sure that Chipper is appreciative of the gesture, regardless of what of we think.

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