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Fan runs onto field at Rangers game and shows his thumbs before security comes

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A Dude Fan Bro, possibly under the influence of alcohol, ran onto the field at Globe Life Park (where the Texas Rangers play) in the seventh inning Wednesday night. He ran around the outfield, briefly delaying the Rangers' turn at bat against the Seattle Mariners — and making an amusing pose with two thumbs up — before ballpark security corralled him like a steer at the rodeo.

The Mariners seemed unhappy that a Dude Fan Bro interrupted the ballgame, as they seemed unwilling to give him advice as to how he should get out of his predicament. They got unhappier later after Leonys Martin won the game for Texas in its final at-bat.

Please enjoy a slideshow that captures the spirit on the moment while possibly taking certain liberties imagining what's going on in the minds of the people involved. Click on the photo above to begin.

UPDATE: Video of the Dude Fan Bro jumping onto the field is on YouTube.

According to the person who posted it, Dude Fan Bro shouted, "I'm going to be on ESPN tonight!" He then leaped, not unlike John Wilkes Booth onto the Ford's Theater stage (only he didn't break his leg). The fans in his section seemed quite impressed and enthusiastic.

With one exception: Greg from the Stop The Wave blog was at the game and sitting right in front of guy who ran on the field. He has this account of what went down just before Dude Fan Bro sprung into action:

I was at the Felix-Yu matchup last night sitting in section 47 directly in front of the idiot that ran onto the field in the seventh inning. That guy was with three or four friends and they were a complete beating all night. Here are some things I overheard:

• Them wanting to go “teach a lesson” to someone wearing a Seahawks Russell Wilson jersey because that just shouldn’t happen in “our” stadium.

• Every other word being a f-bomb. I curse, a lot at times, when I’m around friends that I know don’t care. I’d never be crass enough to yell it to my friends with hundreds of strangers around.

• How running on the field was on this guys bucket list and he just had to do it.

• How he was afraid his dad would kick him out of the house because bail would be so much.

• Trying to get a friend to do it with him saying he would pay their bail.

• These last two seem to contradict each other.

• How he’d had 7 beers already so he wouldn’t feel a taser, but he needed one more before he did it.

[Editor's note: That stinks how Greg's and his fiancée's enjoyment of the game was hampered by Dude Fan Bro and others around him. Are there second thoughts about giving Dude Fan Bro some of the publicity he was seeking for his stunt? Yes. There were first thoughts, too. And yet, here we all are.]

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