Fan reactions: The good and the bad of souvenir celebrations

Mark Townsend
Big League Stew

If you've never experienced the thrill of catching a foul ball or home run, then you can't say with any certainty how you would react. Chances are, though, that it would fall somewhere in between the two classic reactions you'll see here.

Reaction 1: The sophisticated gentleman

If there was a blueprint to catching a foul ball and reacting awesomely, this would probably be it.

First of all, that was a terrific one-handed grab while maintaining a firm grip on the adult beverage. That alone makes the catch worthy of praise, but it's the reaction that follows that is truly priceless. There's the nonchalant point to the guy in the straw hat, because the guy in the straw hat is always worth acknowledging. Then there's the point and wave to anyone in the general vicinity paying attention. And finally, he takes a swig of the beverage while posed as Captain Morgan.

All of it enhanced greatly by his attire, by the way.

Reaction 2: The reckless high-fiver

We're on the other end of the spectrum completely here. We don't see the catch, but we'll assume it was a good one. The problem is, she gets a little reckless in her celebration, and the price is paid by the gentleman seated to her left. His perfectly good half-eaten hot dog ends up hitting the concrete.

Granted, she didn't do as much damage as that hurricane of a fan at Fenway Park a few weeks ago. Also, there are many of us who would take a baseball over a hot dog in a heartbeat. But that wasn't a willing sacrifice on this guy's part. This disaster could have been easily avoided had she followed the one simple rule that will protect you from embarrassment in public: Always look before you high-five. It's that simple.

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