Fan holding a baby makes a sweet catch at Houston Astros game — with his cap (Video)

Mike Oz

The season of impressive fan catches continues.

In the 13th inning of Thursday's Detroit Tigers-Houston Astros game, this fan was alert, even as the game dragged toward its fifth hour. By that time, he had a child hugged up in arms, thus raising the degree of difficulty on his impressive foul-ball snag.

The ball bounced high off the field and into the stands in right field. He clutched the baby tight, gave a little hop, reached his cap across his body and caught the ball. Bravo, sir. Yo Jim Crane, give him (or his hat) a contract.

It's not as impressive as the guy who caught a ball in his beer and chugged it. We'll leave you to figure out how it compares to the guy who caught a Jayson Werth homer bare-handed while holding a kid.

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