Fan at Fenway Park manages to catch foul ball while on the phone

Mike Oz
June 26, 2013

You're supposed to pay attention when you're in the stands for a baseball game. A ball could come flying your way. Heck, even a bat. If you're sitting in the first row from the field, that's even more of a danger (or opportunity, depending on how you look at it).

That's why we're probably more likely to hear about a guy on a cell phone getting hit with a foul ball than a guy with a cell phone catching a foul ball — but hey, sports are supposed to surprise us. Just look at this guy who caught a foul ball during Tuesday's Boston Red Sox-Colorado Rockies game.

When you watch the play in real-time, it's pretty cool. But when you watch the slo-mo, it loses a bit of its luster. He doesn't catch it on the fly. Or even a fast bounce. It ricochets off someone else and bounces right to him. He just has to not drop it.

He's not nearly as rad as the guy who caught a foul ball in his beer or the guy who caught a ball while holding a baby. But this dude can always brag to his buds (probably while on the phone), "Yeah, I caught a ball at Fenway while I was talking on the phone."

I guess it's a good thing he wasn't looking down and texting, huh?

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