Fan falls flat for foul ball, other guy in front row thinks it’s just hilarious

David Brown
August 1, 2013

An official major league baseball costs 15 or 20 bucks online or in a store. Maybe a little less in some places. Maybe a little more with someone's autograph written on it. But if you find a ball in the wild, living in its native habitat, watch out! The struggle to capture one can cost you your dignity.

For example, what happened Wednesday night at Turner Field in Atlanta.

With the Braves leading the Colorado Rockies by a wide margin in the sixth inning, Brian McCann hit a foul pop up behind home plate. One fan whiffed on it — with others nearby reaching out their hands — after the pelota zipped back to earth, and after a high bounce the ball came to another fan in the front row. He muffed it too, though the man to his left did not help by interfering. The ball bounced away and rolled to another fan, across the aisle, who was very pleased with himself for picking up a baseball off the ground. Meanwhile, the fan who muffed it had gone flying, appearing to lose several personal items in the process, including his mobile phone, before landing on his back on the hard concrete. Ouch!

With other fans and ushers moving to help the guy up — and he seemed to be OK physically — all that the fan with the ball could do was pump his fist, while his obnoxious buddy next to him laughed the whole thing up. Either he was oblivious to the fan who went flying — and he was happy for his fat cat buddy getting a souvenir — or he thought the guy falling was the funniest thing ever. Whatever, golf tan.

As one of the broadcaster says, "I hope those guys know each other."

Regardless, someone needs to be taught a lesson, ABC Afterschool Special-style. I'll leave it to karma. As for the 99 percent: We need to take care of ourselves out there, but also, each other.

Big BLS H/N: The Deadspin

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