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Everything You Need to Know About the Bonds Trial: Day 5

Rob Iracane
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Tuesday was the most explosive day of the Barry Bonds trial yet!

No, seriously: The San Francisco police department blew up a suspicious backpack that was found on the street outside the federal courthouse. The scene in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday was like "Die Hard" meets a really boring episode of "Ally McBeal" except with frumpy Cristina Arguedas and without the alluring Jane Krakowski. We've gone straight from farce to action movie, folks.

More on that later. Of course, the big story of the day was the testimony of a few former big leaguers, including two famous brothers connected to steroids who played for the Oakland Athletics and whose last name is not Canseco.

Definitely narrows it down, no? {YSP:MORE}

Tuesday's Main Event: Former American League MVP Jason Giambi alleged that he received performance-enhancing drugs from Barry Bonds' former trainer Greg Anderson, which cements Anderson's role as steroid dealer to the stars. His brother Jeremy Giambi and former Bonds teammate Marvin Bernard testified the same thing: Greg Anderson doled out PEDs to ballplayers like he was a jolly ice cream man, and the cream and the clear were the newest of the 31 flavors. Two scoops in a waffle, please!

Giambi the Elder confessed that Anderson sent him the cream and the clear through the mail (addressed to a fake name to prevent suspicion: Johnny Bench) because Anderson warned Giambi that the regular ol' anabolic steroids he was previously injecting could be detected by the new MLB drug tests. Giambi the Younger also bought some PEDs from Anderson despite never meeting him in person, presumably on recommendation from Jason.

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Earlier, former San Francisco Giants trainer Stan Conte, who Benedict Arnolded his way to the same position with the Los Angeles Dodgers, sang like a canary for the prosecution. Conte claims that, around 1999, he noticed Bonds putting on weight in the form of lean muscle and getting acne on his body.

Conte also testified that Bonds came into his office for a bit of a chat right after the BALCO offices were raided by the feds in 2003. Somewhat strangely, Conte relayed a conversation that he and Barry had that day that went something like this:

Stan: "Steroids in baseball are unfair. My son is a minor leaguer and he shouldn't have to compete against that."

Barry: "Your son should go to a doctor and tell him that he can't get an erection. Then he'll prescribe him a cream to put down there."

A bizarre scene, indeed. Whether it happened in real life or the theater of Stan Conte's mind, we'll never know.

One other development of note from Tuesday involved the doctor who works for Quest Diagnostics, the company that tested Bonds' urine that tested positive for the cream and the clear. His name? Barry Sample.

So Barry Sample tested Barry's sample.

That's what the kids are calling verisimilitude nowadays.

When the Circus Comes to Town: More on that bizarre bomb detonation. It seems a strange man made a bomb threat in a flower shop across the street from the federal courthouse on Tuesday, warning that the backpack he left on the sidewalk contained an explosive device.

Employees quickly telephoned the police, who arrived, shut down the streets, and detonated the device, making the ground shake in the immediate area. And here we thought the only suspicious package we'd be talking about this week was the shrunken one Kimberly Bell testified about on Monday.

Quote of the Day: Conte recalls Barry Bonds defending Anderson by explaining to him:

"Barry said he trusted Greg Anderson and that he didn't know anything about the steroids. Greg was only selling the steroids to help his kid."

Won't you think about the children, Stan?!?

Photo of the Day:

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AP caption: "Jason Giambi, right, signs an autograph for a fan who identified himself as Joe Dirt as Giambi left a federal courthouse after testifying in the perjury trial of former baseball player Barry Bonds in San Francisco."

David Spade's looking pretty good these days!

What's Next: On Wednesday, the defense will get its chance to cross-examine Marvin Bernard. We may also hear from other former MLBers and steroid experimenters, including Randy Velarde, Benito Santiago and the irrepressible Bobby Estallela. Hopefully there will be no bomb scares.

Convict-o-Meter: Goes up one notch to 7 out of 10. The jury might not be swayed by Conte's odd answers but hearing the Brothers Giambi state matter-of-factly that they received actual steroids from Anderson could spell trouble for Bonds. Because when one wants a person to trust, one always thinks of a Giambi.

Note: Our daily Bonds summaries are compiled every day with the help of several Internet sources, including the Twitter accounts of @georgedorhmann and @gwenknapp, which have proved invaluable on a minute-by-minute basis. Follow them, as well as Rob (@iracane).

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