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Evening Shade: Red Sox can't neglect Rays for Yankees, can they?

David Brown
Big League Stew

Most weekday evenings, Big League Stew looks at five approaching games worth monitoring. As they occur, feel free to discuss the night's happenings with other Stewies in the comment section below.

Red Sox at Rays, 7:08 ET Even if, over the next two nights, the Red Sox get caught looking past the Rays (Yankees) to an upcoming series (that starts Thursday in the Bronx) and get swept out of Tropicana Field (new Yankee Stadium is the place to be on Thursday) like a coconut shell into the Gulf of Mexico (or like a Pringles can into the Harlem River), they'd only lose two games in the standings.

So, the Yankees will still be closer in the standings no matter what happens before the start of Thursday's four-game series in New York, in case you didn't know it was coming.

And Kevin Youkilis(notes) better watch out, because Matt Garza plans to pitch inside and if someone gets hit, he gets hit.

Orioles at Tigers, 7:05 ET The latest Orioles wunderkind makes his major league debut. Brian Matusz(notes), whose last name sorely lacks an ethnic suffix of some kind (Matusz-ak, Matusz-ini, Matusz-aka, Matusz-elovic, Matusz-Tyler-Moore), deals against Jarrod Washburn(notes), who has a full last name and is making his Tigers debut.

Angels at White Sox, 8:11 ET The White Sox just got done pouring cold water on the Wicked Witch of the East. Now here comes another Mighty Won-Lost Record to the Land of Oz(zie Guillen). On whom will the house that is Gordon Beckham(notes) fall?

Rockies at Phillies, 7:05ET Rematch of half of the 2007 NL Playoffs. I picked the wrong team, as I recall.

Brewers at Dodgers, 10:10 ET Manny, still looking for his first RBI since before the recession.

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