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Evening Shade: Joba 'n' Jeter need to Yankee up — or else!

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Most weekday evenings, Big League Stew looks at five approaching games worth monitoring. As they occur, feel free to discuss the night's happenings with other Stewies in the comment section below.

Rays at Yankees, in progress The Intergalactic Yankees Empire might be running the universe but Joba Chamberlain(notes) and Derek Jeter(notes) have been running in reverse.

This is a nine-inning game, Chamberlain. These three-inning jaunts might cut it in Upper Kansas, or wherever you're from, but this ain't the bushes. No matter what Joe Girardi tries to tell you, let's try for 6 2/3 today, emmkay? There are corn stalks that need husking.

Jeter only has 22 more games to get four hits so he can surpass Lou Gehrig's Yankees career record.

UPDATE: Joba did his three innings and fly. O' Captain has tied the Iron Horse with his third hit of the night and he might get another crack in a few moments.

It's a good thing with Jetes. He was another 0-fer from four straight hitless games, which would have been a first since May of 2008. Gasp, right? They might have taken away the "C" if he kept slacking. There's an opening in men's fragrances at Macy's in case baseball doesn't work out, Jeetah.

Champions of the AL East (and our hearts) in 2008, the Rays find themselves 17 1/2 games out. I liked last year better.

Phillies at Nationals, 7:05 ET Charlie Manuel could use a 12-run first inning and an easy victory so he doesn't have to think about putting in a closer for one night. Can the Nats help a brother out? We know they can.

Braves at Astros, 8:05 ET Probably the best pitching matchup of the night: Tommy Hanson(notes) vs. Wandy Rodriguez(notes). Prediction: both will be All-Stars in '10.

Mariners at Angels, 10:05 ET When Ichiro Suzuki(notes) and Jered Weaver(notes) meet, lots of outs happen. Suzuki is 7 for his past 33 (.212) against the Nordic right-hander. ... Former Pirates swabby Ian Snell(notes) goes for his fifth straight victory. And you thought he'd never make something OF himself after being made to walk the plank.

Dodgers at D-backs, 10:10 ET Theoretically, this could be Jon Garland's(notes) final start for the Dodgers before they have to send him back to Arizona. The Deebax reportedly suspect the Dodgers acted in bad faith regarding the service time of Tony Abreu(notes), who was traded for Garland. MLB probably won't reverse the deal, but it would be deviously devilish, not to mention diabolical, if Garland beat AZ twice and then had to go back there to finish the season.

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