Evan Gattis is the Chuck Norris of baseball — and his legend keeps growing

Mike Oz
June 4, 2013

Not only is Atlanta Braves rookie catcher Evan Gattis one of the biggest surprises of the baseball season, he's also inspiring lure online as if he were Chuck Norris or The Most Interesting Man in the World.

For example: Gattis Facts on Twitter, which aren't actual facts, but funny "facts" — "Evan Gattis doesn't mow his lawn. He just looks at it and dares it to grow." You know, that kind of stuff.

Or this new video from the MLB Fan Cave, which imagines that Gattis' backstory of quitting baseball and working odd jobs was actually a cover for a secret agent life.

Gattis was named National League rookie of the month for May on Monday, an honor also bestowed upon him in April. So far this season, Gattis has hit 12 homers and driven in 32 runs, elevating himself from an injury fill-in for Brian McCann to a fan favorite.

There are spectacular parts of Gattis' story — he really was a janitor and a pizza guy. He really did fight depression and ponder suicide. Then he really did come back to baseball and do so well playing winter ball in Venezuela that he was nicknamed "El Oso Blanco," or The White Bear.

The beginning of the Evan Gattis fictional lure came when Atlanta sports talk station 680 The Fan created "The Legend of El Oso Blanco."

Over at Online Sports Guys, there's a newish Gattis story/rap song by Ricky Mast that's doubling as a campaign to get El Oso Blanco into the All-Star Game.

Should he get into the All-Star Game or the Home Run Derby, that would be an exciting new chapter in the Evan Gattis story. One in which the reality is better than any fiction one could imagine.

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