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The Dodgers have spent $214 million on hurt players since 2002

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Dodgers fans have every right to be upset after an offseason that saw Frank McCourt spend more cash on divorce lawyers than improvements for his Joe Torre-led team.

But after looking at Jeff Zimmerman's excellent Beyond The Box Score piece on money wasted due to injuries in the work place, maybe those in Los Angeles can take solace in the probability of not missing that much.

Using extensive injury time data compiled by Rotoblog, Zimmerman found that the Dodgers have flushed more far money down the injured player toilet — both by total amount and payroll percentage — than any other major league team since 2002.

Talk about giving a new definition to the term Code Blue!

So what kind of cheese are we talking here? Try $214.1 million over 6,717 total days, which accounted for 27 percent of the Dodgers' payroll over that time. Following the Dodgers in each category were the Mets ($198.7 million) Nats and Rangers.

The revelation doesn't come as much as a surprise, seeing as how the Dodgers ruled our worst signings of the 2000s and gave money to chandeliers like Jason Schmidt(notes) ($47,044,875 wasted over 597 DL days), Darren Dreifort ($35,097,778, 539 days) and Kevin Brown ($24,706,350, 283 days). That figure doesn't even include money lost during Manny Ramirez's(notes) 50-game suspension in 2009, either.

The work done by Zimmerman and Rotoblog's Josh Hermsmeyer is pretty fascinating beyond the Dodgers' top billing and I'd encourage you to check out their work to see where your own favorite team ranks and to draw some of your own conclusions based on their research. For example, the White Sox wasted the least — $38.1 million, 6 percent — from 2002-09, a fact that South Side Sox attributes to the expertise of the team trainer.

One more thing: This data really illuminates how having a lot of money can sometimes mask big missteps. The Red Sox ($117 million) and Yankees ($175 million) have lost their fair share of clams to the DL, yet those amounts made up just 12 percent of their respective payrolls.

A big BLS head nod to SweetSpot for the redirect.

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