What did players do with their off day?

Kevin Kaduk

With only three games on Thursday's schedule, every player not wearing an Astros, Rockies, Red Sox, Tigers, Brewers or Dodgers uniform had the luxury of 24 whole hours to themselves. Time off is a rare commodity for players during the regular season and there's no question that they value every second.

"Off day," Baltimore's Adam Jones tweeted while aboard a nice-looking boat on an unidentified body of water. "Time to get ya mind right."

So how did major leaguers get their minds right on a near-universal off day? We combed the world of Twitter to find that the answers were not that much different from the way we spend ours.

They watched the spelling bee: David Price took his nephew to Adventure Island before collapsing on his couch to enjoy the spelling bee. Oakland's Brett Anderson also watched, taking a break from his rehab to wonder "how many imaginary friends attend the spelling bee every year."

They brought their appetites: Carlos Gomez went for sushi, Jason Kipnis headed to Steak 'N Shake and Daniel Descalso crowed about an "authentic Italian lunch in NYC."

They thought about other people than themselves: Jason Motte visited the 9/11 Memorial and Hunter Pence prepared for and held his first charity event.

They went to the movies: Jemile Weeks said he was going to see MIB3.

They relaxed: Mike Trout hit the beach in Newport (before being told there were no good seafood spots there by some guy).  J.P. Arencibia hit the links with considerably less fanfare than division rival Josh Beckett and found an island hole on the 17th. It wasn't at Sawgrass, however, it was at a course in Ontario that's made up of replicas of famous holes. Shane Victorino did the most Shane Victorino thing ever and gawked at a garbage truck that got stuck under some train tracks.

They did touristy things: Shawn Kelly visited the Beluga whales at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, Chris Young of the Diamondbacks checked out the San Diego Zoo and Cleveland's Chris Perez jammed at the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. Ben and Julianna Zobrist, meanwhile, visited an unidentified theme park while LaTroy Hawkins hit Disneyland.

They indulged: Ricky Nolasco tried to battle the urges of the mighty Gamblor upon learning of a casino in Philadelphia. Javy Guerra picked up a new custom suit and looked downright dapper. Brandon Phillips went shopping for Louis Vuitton shoes, but Clay Rapada beat him in the register rankings by purchasing this shirt of Kelly Kapowski.

They ran errands: Jerome Williams enjoyed his visit to a Toyota dealership but whether it was for a new car, an oil change or an autograph signing, he didn't say.

They thought about grooming themselves before deciding not to (it was an off day after all): Kurt Suzuki would have cut his hair but had no idea where to find a barber in Kansas City. Justin Sellers of the Dodgers pondered shaving all his hair off, but couldn't commit to the razor.

"My mamma told me to keep my hair. And what she says goes," he tweeted.

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