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Diamondbacks radio station advocates plunking Dodgers' Yasiel Puig

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Los Angeles Dodgers' Yasiel Puig

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They must still be cleaning up the pool at Chase Field, because the Arizona Diamondbacks radio station still has a stick up its backside regarding the Los Angeles Dodgers and Yasiel Puig.

Puig and some of his teammates took an infamous dip into the Chase pool after clinching the division at Arizona this past September. Reports later surfaced that some of the Dodgers (Puig wasn't mentioned specifically) boasted of having peed in the pool. Eww. True or not, the team swim has helped to stoke friction between the two NL West competitors. Mostly it's good-natured, or at least not unhealthy, but Doug Franz of KTAR radio might have stepped over the line a smidge by making this suggestion Wednesday before the Dodgers and D-backs opened the Cactus League season:

It's time for the Dodgers to pay their debt. Plunk Puig!

KTAR reportedly also took a listener poll (which might or might not be related to Franz's post) and Puig, it was decided by fans, should be hit. Franz doesn't play for the D-backs and he's not in the booth doing analysis. It's not like play-by-play guy Greg Schulte said to hit Puig. But it's still not the best practice for someone on the team's radio station to advocate hitting a player — no matter how playful Franz's tone might have been, or how he couched his wish with "They shouldn't throw at his head." Pitchers are professionals, but some have better command than others. If one were to "get away" from a pitcher who might have been considering drilling Puig, an accident might happen and someone could get hurt. Hey, didn't it already happen with the D-backs and Puig?

And for what? Do the Dodgers actually owe the D-backs anything? What debt is there to pay? A chlorine bill?

And nothing happened that could be construed as vengeful, at least this time. Puig went 2 for 3 with an RBI and wasn't hit by a pitch. His comeuppance (for whatever) will have to come another day. The Dodgers and D-backs play each other approximately 54 more times in 2014, so it's not like they won't have another chance.

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