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David Price lost a cow milking contest before game with Angels

Tampa Bay Rays left-hander David Price is a competitive guy who won't back down from any challenge thrown his way. It doesn't matter how much experience he has in that particular field or if it requires getting his hands dirty, he just wants to win and then probably tweet about it, which is cool with us.

For example, when he was invited to participate in the 40th annual Dairy Night and cow-milking contest put on by the Los Angeles Angels on Friday, he grabbed the opportunity by the... well, you know the rest. 

Yahoo columnist Tim Brown was on hand for the contest and tweeted a few updates on Price's preparation for the contest.

Familiarizing one's self with the cow sounds like good strategy.

Indeed this was Price's first go-round milking cows competitively. In fact, it was his first time being that close to a cow in any capacity

“I don’t think I ever even touched a cow or been within arm’s length of a cow,” Price said afterward.

Price's competition for the evening was Angels third baseman Luis Jimenez. We're not sure how much experience Jimenez has in this field, but the home team favorite milked out a resounding victory according to the judges on hand. Here are the final results for those scoring at home.

Yes, there was even a milk bucket trophy, because what's any type of contest without a trophy?

At this point it's unknown if Price negotiated a rematch clause before agreeing to participate. One can only hope that's the case, and if so a rematch at Tropicana Field would seem appropriate. If not, Jimenez will have to look for a new challenger. Might we suggest George Kottaras, who won a similar contest last season in Texas

As for the actual baseball game, which obviously had a tough act to follow, the Angels laid an egg there, falling to Chris Archer and the Rays 3-0

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