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D12: Stanford stocking the majors with big league talent

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Welcome to 'Duk's Dozen, a streamlined selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items to start your day. It welcomes submissions here or via @bigleaguestew.

1. Jeff Zimmerman is on a tear. After putting together that excellent injury post, he has now taken a look at which colleges have produced the most big leaguers. His reigning top baseball factory? Try the Stanford Cardinal.

The surprising part is that it's not even very close. Though Arizona State leads the all-time production with 65 professional players, the alma mater of Mike Mussina(notes) and Jack McDowell ranks first in players born after 1965 with 37. UCLA is a distant second with 23, followed by Arizona, Arizona State and Florida State with 22 apiece.

UPDATE!: First Tiger Woods and now this for the men of Stanford — Jeff found that his data was incomplete and now USC tops his list. Beyond The Box Score

2. I know he's been buddies with Fred Wilpon since high school and I know the Dodgers have relocated their spring training camp to Arizona. It's still kind of weird, though, to see Sandy Koufax meeting with the Mets instead of the Dodgers. NY Daily News

3. The Rangers aren't counting on Khalil Greene(notes) being with the team in 2010 as he battles social anxiety disorder. Here's hoping Greene gets the help he needs. Rangers Blog

4. He's only 17 years old and he's nowhere near ready for the big leagues, but I already love the name of Socrates Brito, who recently signed with the D'Backs. Arizona Republic

5. Tim Wakefield(notes) says he expects to make 30 starts at 43 years of age. Red Sox fans say they appreciate the optimism before asking if any local bookies are willing to take a lot of action on the knuckleballer's under. NESN via Surviving Grady

6. Pirates prospect Jose Tabata(notes) insists that he's 21 years old. He's also put last year's problems with his considerably-older wife behind him. Post-Gazette

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7. After Monday's hairy hypefest, it's clear that Western Civilization should start marking time in A.J.W.B. (After Jayson Werth's(notes) Beard) style. Also, if you haven't seen the Comcast Sports report from Clearwater, make sure you do so. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Werth is looking (and acting) like someone who just walked straight off an Allman Brothers album cover from the 1970s. The Fightins

8. "We're talking about unchecked facial hair here, dude": Yes, I spoke too soon when I said that @mistertug's Neverending Story photoshop wasn't going to be beaten. Witness Jayson "The Dude" Werth at the bowling alley with Walter Sobchak. The Good Phight

9. Red Sox fan Dan Lamothe is in David Ortiz's(notes) corner for 2010. At least until Big Papi starts slumping at the plate, that is. Red Sox Monster

10. It isn't spring training until someone gets arrested for a DUI. Hardball Talk

11. The "Alfonso Soriano Sucks" blues jam is climbing the Chicago charts. State St. Sports

12. I'd offer a prize to anyone who can get through all 11 minutes of this Jim Bowden disaster flick on Fox Sports, but I know that no one will get past the five-minute mark. So read Joba's incensed commentary instead. 3:10 to Joba

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