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D12: Ron Washington’s profanity-filled Game 7 speech

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It's back! 'Duk's Dozen is a heaping morning serving of baseball items, links and takes — designed to keep you warm all offseason long.

1. Did someone embed a microphone in C.J. Wilson's hoodie? Among the sparse hairs of Derek Holland's mustache? In Mike Napoli's dip can? Whatever the means of subterfuge, someone was able to record the speech that Ron Washington delivered to his Texas Rangers before they fell in Game 7 of the World Series. The result contains so many expletives that it makes you hope Ichiro actually makes the All-Star team this year, just so he can go toe-to-toe with his partner in profanity. Joe Sports Fan

2. Did you check out Dan Duquette's resume on LinkedIn. The Orioles didLinkedIn

3. Lenny Dykstra says he was used by boxing promoters.

4. I finally went to see "Moneyball" over the weekend and enjoyed it very much. But unlike Jason Gay, I did not take Yogi Berra and his wife to the theater. Wall Street Journal

5. The great Andy Rooney on baseball: {YSP:MORE}

"I've never been much of a baseball fan myself. My father took me to a Yankees game when I was young and Joe DiMaggio struck out twice. I think that's what cooled me off on baseball." CBS News

6. The offseason is only a week old, but the baseball blogosphere has already logged 638 posts in which a blogger tries to talk him or herself into Grady Sizemore. Bay City Ball

7. Kauffman Stadium would be a lot cooler if Bobby Baker's Lounge were buying the naming rights. Or at least one of the many barbecue joints in town, so we could have called it "The Smoker" for short.  Big League Stew

8. Gerrit Cole's outing in the Rising Stars game could have gone a tad bit better.  RumBunter

9. The Mariners prospects made out well, though, with Danny Hultzen pitching two scoreless innings and Nick Franklin taking home MVP honors. USA Today

10. Examining Theo Epstein's literary pedigree. Chicago Tribune

11. Chris Jaffe's 10 things he didn't know about Tony La Russa. Hardball Times

12. Crazy take of the day: Why the San Diego Padres will win a pennant before the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs or New York Mets. Sully Baseball

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