D12: Jeff Bagwell calm, cool and collected after Hall of Fame snub

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'Duk's Dozen, a selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items, has returned in 2011 to start your baseball news day. Got links? Send 'em here or via Twitter.

1. Despite being hit with an undeserved stop sign when he was home-free rounding third, Houston Astros great Jeff Bagwell took his 41 percent of the Hall of Fame vote in stride on Wednesday afternoon.

"There's nothing I can do. I've done everything I can on the baseball field, and I can't change people's opinions," Bagwell said. "If I do get in, God, that would be great. You can't ask for anything more than to be elected into the Hall of Fame. But it gets to the point where enough's enough with the era and ‘I'm suspicious of him.'"

Though Bagwell could have popped off more, the way he played it seems about right. He has 14 more years left on the ballot and it seems pretty evident that he'll one day be elected. As disappointing as the first vote might have been, there clearly is no reason for Bagwell to give his opponents any more ammo to withhold their votes in future years. [Houston Chronicle]

2. Not that we needed any more evidence that some voters punished Roberto Alomar for his John Hirschbeck, but Dave Sheinin offers this interesting stat: Of the 26 Hall of Famers to be elected with more than 90 percent of the vote, Roberto Alomar is the only one to not be elected on the first ballot. [WaPo]

3. Nate Silver dips his toe back into the baseball-writing pool to ask a question: "Is the Hall of Fame getting too small?" [NY Times]

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4. Take a bow, Marquis Grissom and B.J. Surhoff! You're part of the Tyler Maas salute to all the sub-5 percent players who dropped off the ballot on Wednesday. [Bugs & Cranks]

5. What's the longest that any one franchise has had to wait between a player entering the Hall of Fame wearing their cap? SSS' research says it's St. Louis/Baltimore, which waited 45 years between George Sisler and Frank Robinson. He's compiled the rest of the waits for each team, so go check 'em out. [South Side Sox]

6. "Is Jeff Idelson Lying or Incompetent? Either Way, He's Trying to Ruin the Hall" [Platoon Advantage]

7. The conventional wisdom has been that there's absolutely no way that Vladimir Guerrero(notes) can play for a National League team. But that hasn't stopped one Phillies site from weighing the pros and cons of planting Vlad in right field at Citizens Bank Park as a "low cost/high reward" option. [Phillies Nation]

8. What Adrian Beltre's(notes) signing means for the rest of the AL West. [Lookout Landing]

9. A great audio montage of the Philadelphia Phillies' 2010 season. [The 700 Level]

10. Goodbye forever, Corey Patterson(notes) [Walkoff Walk]

11. Who are the favorites to delouse the Nationals' broadcast booth now that Rob Dibble is gone? [Mr. Irrelevant]

12. Because every tradition has to start somewhere: The preeminent Padres' bloggers want fans to rub the left knee on the Tony Gwynn(notes) statue before each game they attend at Petco Park. [Gaslamp Ball]

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