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Create-a-Caption: Neftali Feliz is just happy to be here

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You'd think that major league bullpens might find a few different ways to haze their rookies, but the pink backpack filled with chewing gum, seeds and other assorted sundries seems to be working so well that they're sticking with it.

Here, Rangers superstud Neftali Feliz(notes) appears to be so happy to receive a callup from GM Jon Daniels that his 21-year-old self doesn't even notice Dora on his shoulder — or that he won't be a starting pitcher in the bigs just yet.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from last Wednesday's C-a-C with Elton John Pete Rose Elton John Pete Rose (at least we think it was Pete Rose):

And you can tell everybody, this is Pete Rose

1st — capttoto. "Bud Selig keeps the gag going for the 18th straight year."

2nd — rexdeaz. "I figured sitting at a table in Vegas looking like a loser was a lot worse than sitting here in Cincinnati looking like a loser."

3rd — nate. "Nana? It's Peter. I think I grabbed the wrong pair of sunglasses on my last visit. Yes... and the wrong hat too. Yes... and the wrong underwear too, but that was intentional. It's a comfort thing."

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