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Create-a-Caption: 'Hey Banny! You've got a case of bad pixels!'

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If you browse you the AP photo wire as often as I do, you soon find that their photographers are obsessed with taking pictures of outfielders set against outfield wall art. In fact, the AP website has a whole special gallery set up for these photos, most of which are neither particularly interesting nor fun to look at. In fact, I try to refrain from posting them.

However, I do like this photo of Royals outfielder Esteban German looking at a digitized version of teammate Brian Bannister on the outfield wall at Kauffman Stadium. Only I'm not exactly sure why.

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read?

Follow the jump for winners from Monday's entertaining and competitive C-a-C, which also involved the KC Kings:

Go Tim! Go David! Go Tim! Go David!

1st — NileMack. (A good Lebowski reference will take it just about every time.)

Nobody messes with DeJesus!

2nd — Saro G.

While no one questioned the unorthodox pitching delivery taught to Tim Lincecum by his engineer dad, the 159º backflip swipe tag was probably best left on the drawing board.

3rd — Bill.

David DeJesus crouches as a mighty gale roars through Kaufmann Stadium. Tim Lincecum was not so lucky.

HM — VakFly123.

"Mortal Kombat!"

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