Cool C.J. Wilson makes coolest cap grab of foul ball EVER look so cool

David Brown
May 6, 2013

C.J. Wilson cooly and casually catching a bouncing foul ball from the front row of the Los Angeles Angels dugout takes the phrase "act like you've been there before" to nirvana. Notice, though, some of Wilson's teammates cowering as the ball — which admittedly was not hit all that hard — came toward the Angels dugout Sunday. They cover up like scaredy cats as Wilson fearlessly reaches, with his cap in his left (non-fielding) hand and his sunglasses in his right. So cool.

And so many little movements were necessary to pull it off so cooly:

• Wilson had to remove his sunglasses from his cap.

• He had to remove his cap.

• He had to reach for the ball and catch it.

• He had to put his sunglasses on his face.

• He had to put his cap back on his head.

• He had to remember that he wasn't wearing his sunglasses on his face, so he put them back on his cap.

• He had to turn around and give the ball to a fan.

• He had to do it all while looking cool — without trying to look cool, if you know what I mean. And he pulled it all off!

Also, I think I see Albert Pujols ducking out of the way, protecting his own face:

Not so cool, Albert.

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