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Confirmation that Albert Pujols comes from another planet

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UPDATE: This IS from 2007 as the first commenter says (*hangs head in shame). Well, it might be worth it just to click on the links to the Time-Life series below.

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Remember the old Time-Life Books series — "Mysteries of the Unknown," I think it was redundantly called?

No, not the "Old West," the one where John Wesley Hardin shoots a man "just for snorin' too loud." And not the one where they teach you to build a deck like a union man would.

The one that wonders aloud if "ancient astronauts" built the pyramids (no, it couldn't possibly have been Egyptians) — that one.

It's the same kind of thinking that leads to the belief that a guy sitting on a tractor couldn't possibly have made those fancy doodles in his field. It must have been aliens!

Well, the above screen cap of a page on Google Maps confirms what many have long believed: St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols(notes) is not of this earth.

In case you're still a non-believer, check out the address itself and click on "satellite" (of love) for the coolest baseball-from-spaaaaaaace image you'll see until E.T. returns.

Note the interlocking design around the bird logo. A stargate of some kind? Or, perhaps it's a symbol of Albert's rank in an insterstellar fleet of supermen. Perhaps it's just a maze in which Cubs fans can lose themselves forever.

BLS hat tip to Hardball Talk (and, apparently, others) for the close encounter.

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