Commissioner Selig sends A-Rod to room for admitting steroids

David Brown

Bud Selig finally released a statement in the wake of an admission three days ago by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez — remember him? — that he used performance-enhancing drugs from 2001-03.

The verdict: no apparent punishment, other than mild scorn, implied disappointment and expressed sadness, from Major League Baseball's principal.

No such luck for those expecting discipline, at least the kind one feels with a ruler tapping the wrist or open hand smacking the buttocks. Legally, Selig probably couldn't do anything the players union couldn't challenge and ultimately block.

From the looks of it, in fairness, Selig thinks A-Rod should be very, very ashamed of himself.

Here's the full text from the baseball commissioner:

"On behalf of Major League Baseball, I am saddened by the revelations concerning Alex Rodriguez's use of performance-enhancing substances. While Alex deserves credit for publicly confronting the issue, there is no valid excuse for using such substances and those who use them have shamed the game.

"What Alex did was wrong and he will have to live with the damage he has done to his name and reputation. His actions are also a reminder to everyone in baseball — under our current drug program, if you are caught using steroids and/or amphetamines, you will be punished.

"Since 2005, every player who has tested positive for steroids has been suspended for as much as 50 games. Eradicating performance-enhancing substances from the game of baseball has been my first priority over the past decade and it is important to remember that these recent revelations relate to pre program activity."

Best part: Rodriguez "will have to live with the damage he has done..."

Mike and Carol Brady would use stronger language than that. Ward Cleaver, for sure.

Oh, and the relevant SI is on newsstands.