College baseball team recreates American Express commercial from ‘Major League’

Mike Oz
March 13, 2013

Hurray! Here's a video made by a college baseball team that's NOT the "Harlem Shake." Yes, baseball teams, you can do things to build camaraderie and attempt to go viral without latching on to that annoying dance craze a month too late.

Enjoy the Sul Ross State baseball team, a Division-III school in Alpine, Tx., recreating the scene from beloved baseball flick "Major League" where the Cleveland Indians appear in an American Express commercial.

OK, so they didn't wear tuxedos like in "Major League," but they did do a good job of matching the line delivery and even took the extra step to have a guy go sleeve-less for the Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn moment. Bravo, Sul Ross State.

For your own comparison — and because you probably want to watch "Major League" now — here's the original (skip to 1:20, or enjoy the preceding montage, whatever):

Once again, Big League Stew encourages baseball teams — be they college, professional or high school — to find creative outlets that aren't the "Harlem Shake." Even if the Cleveland Indians — the real ones, not the fictional "Major League" ones — did just release their own "Harlem Shake" video.

Let's stop shaking, baseball. It's best for all of our mental health.

Are you ready for opening day?
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