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Cliff Lee passes gas to signal interview's end

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The best gas Cliff Lee displayed all night in his return to the Philadelphia Phillies rotation didn't materialize until he signed off from a postgame interview.

In his first start since May 18 because of a sore elbow, Lee allowed six runs and 12 hits in a 7-4 loss to the San Francisco Giants — not exactly the stuff of a pitcher expected to be in demand during trading season. He figures to pitch better next time, though his $25 million annual salary might make Lee hard to deal no matter what. The Phillies have said that Cole Hamels isn't being shopped, so that would leave Lee and A.J. Burnett as big names who are available.

"I want this team to win and I'm going to do everything I can to help that happen," Lee said in a postgame interview captured by CSN Philly. "And that's really it."

Except for one final comment. A fart. Or, since it was in Philly, a phart.

"Did y'all get that on tape?" Lee can be heard asking in his Arkansas accent.

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At least Lee was conscientious in looking around to see if anyone was in his gas path before he broke wind. Tooting on the Philly media — he'd have to be sniffing vapors to want to start a Fart War with those known flatulators.

Still, the world would be a better place, if also a stinkier one, if all interviews ended like this one ended.

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