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Clammy Sosa devours 'umpire' at Phanatic's birthday party

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Nom Nom Nom! (CSN Philly)

Happy birthday, Phillie Phanatic. Now watch this umpire get eaten up and spat out by a giant inflated clam.

It was that kind of party Sunday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park, where the Philadelphia Phillies celebrated the 36th birthday of their beloved mascot by inviting other mascot characters from around the globe to perform. The talent of Clammy Sosa, named for a former Chicago Cubs slugger whose first name rhymes with "Clammy," is eating umpires and spitting them out in their underpants. No, really!

See?! Clammy Sosa appeared with other members of the Zooperstars troupe of mascots, notably Harry Canary, Nomar Garciaparrot and Mia Hammster. Get the idea? Puns of famous athletes names plus inflatable creatures equals fun. Harry Canary also serenaded the crowd with "Take Me Out To The Ball Game."

The highlight definitely was the umpire getting his clothes eaten by the clam. MLB should make this part of replay protocol. When a call gets overturned, the corrected umpire will be eaten alive. Surely, this will lead to better umpiring, less replay challenges and quicker games. And, hey, even if it doesn't...

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